If you’re here, you’re probably itching for a new outdoor project. Look no further for inspiration. 

With more than 40 years of experience designing dream outdoor living spaces for our clients, our TotalScape Design team has seen and built it all. Whether you’re looking to install an outdoor kitchen or a beautiful firepit to gather your friends and family around, the sky is the limit as to what you can create with us.

Here are five of our favorite outdoor living ideas.

1. Outdoor Barbecue Area

Nothing brings family and friends together quite like a backyard barbecue. One of the best ways to create a year-round gathering point for memorable days and nights is to build an outdoor barbecue area, your grillmaster headquarters.

From full smokers to pellet and gas grills, your outdoor cooking potential is limitless. You can even pipe in natural or propane gas from a dedicated line for the ultimate eco-friendly outdoor cooking setup. This also adds value to your home, as homebuyers look favorably on professionally planned and installed outdoor hosting areas.

Always remember to consider the significant bump in equity you gain from incorporating outdoor living ideas like this one. Knowing that well-built improvements pay for themselves in tax deductions from the sale price of the home takes some of the sting out of the price of building them.

2. Outdoor Firepits

Imagine s’mores sessions, story swapping, and warm hands around a crackling fire any time you want. A firepit is a great way to inject a cozy, back-to-basics vibe into your backyard.

Professionally built outdoor firepits are a great investment in your outdoor living space because they create a versatile gathering place with all the warmth and magic of a fire and the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that it is safely built into an adequately fire-proofed area.

Another fantastic use for outdoor firepits is as an open-fire cooking area. All manner of useful open-fire cooking attachments and apparatuses are available to create the ultimate open-fire cooking experience. 

3. Outdoor Kitchen

After you get a taste of outdoor cooking, there’s no going back. Creating a comfortable outdoor eating area adds a strong sense of joie de vivre to a home, staving off mundanity and injecting fresh magic into the daily routine of cooking.

In terms of outdoor living space ideas that generate the most value, outdoor kitchens are among the best options. Installing a dining table along with a full kitchen outdoors creates a powerful source of timeless curb appeal. Everyone wants to feel like they’re on their own island. Creating a permanent paradise at home is a value-add slam dunk by any measure.

custom outdoor kitchens in fort lauderdale, fl

For the ultimate gameday experience, add a recessed big-screen TV across from a curved or squared booth with views from the cooking area. 

For an ultra-intimate dining experience, you can add a midcentury modern-style conversation pit below the cooking area and bar where you can have a catered dinner with guests around a fire pit or table or simply leave the space open for unobstructed connection. 

4. Outdoor Fireplace

Perfect for cozy conversations, outdoor fireplaces are an elegant addition to any outdoor living space. Outdoor fireplaces add immense value to outdoor rooms and areas because they provide a stately outdoor fire experience for intimate gatherings with friends and family. This creates a dreamy nighttime atmosphere that can significantly increase a home’s value.

outdoor fireplace in fort lauderdale, fl

An innovative variation of the outdoor fireplace gaining popularity is the outdoor pizza oven. Though it sounds like a stretch at first, the basic concept is not all that different from a chiminea. The increased scale and thermal efficiency requirements make building these ovens more complicated, but the added versatility is well worth overcoming the challenge of building them. 

Additionally, oven facades create opportunities for creative architectural and textural flourishes. There is no shortage of options. Some ideas you could incorporate or iterate on might include carved masks, decorative tiling, or plant installations.

Outdoor fireplaces create value for a home both from a curb appeal perspective and a capital improvement perspective–both of which are extremely helpful in ultra-competitive housing markets like the Weston and Fort Lauderdale, FL, area.

5. Outdoor Living Room

A true statement piece for any backyard, outdoor living rooms are among the most dynamic outdoor room ideas. They offer homeowners the chance to infuse their outdoor spaces with their personalities through creative choices in outdoor living furniture, light fixtures, materials, and features. Outdoor living rooms also give homeowners the ability to house various landscape features like raised flower beds, retaining walls, sculptures, and shrubbery.

Homeowners can even assimilate other outdoor room ideas into their outdoor living room. Imagine the luxurious functionality of an outdoor kitchen attached to an outdoor living room with ample seating for comfortable hosting.

An outdoor living room is the most adaptable outdoor room idea for creating value in a home. Comfortable, event-worthy square footage is a big draw for homebuyers, and these outdoor rooms create equity for homeowners in such a delightfully useful and enjoyable way. 

Ready to Make Your Outdoor Living Ideas Come to Life?

After writing this, we’re already chomping at the bit to redo our own yards. We know you’re probably in the same boat. It seems we’re a match made in heaven.

Whether you know exactly what you want or want to bounce your outdoor living ideas off of professionals who can make them a reality, at TotalScape Designs, we have the passion and expertise to create your dream outdoor living space. 

For over 40 years, we’ve been designing and building stellar outdoor living areas alongside our clients. We believe in the power of crystal-clear communication between our clients and us to create the best version of our projects. So when you work with our experts at TotalScape Designs, you get the best in customer service, expertise, and design prowess in the Weston and  Fort Lauderdale, FL, area. 

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