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Unique and Gorgeous Landscape Design for Your Florida Property

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Your home is your most important investment. Because you value your home and take pride in its appearance, you should only surround it with the best landscape possible. If you find that your landscape is losing its allure and aesthetic appeal, it may be time to consider a new design.

Landscape 3D Designing Fort Lauderdale, FL

Whether you have numerous landscape design ideas or are just beginning to think about your project, TotalScape Design can help. We’ll work with you, combining your stylistic visions with our professional experience and knowledge to produce unique and gorgeous results. You won’t have to spend months waiting for the completed product; we’ll work quickly to elevate your property so that you can enjoy the new look.

Don’t let your home’s appearance and value suffer at the hands of a decreasingly attractive landscape. Bring any design ideas you have to TotalScape Design and get started on creating your dream outdoor look today.

How a New Landscape Design Can Benefit Your Property

Landscape Design Fort Lauderdale, FL

Upgrading to a new professional landscape design elevates your property in several ways. Some benefits of a new design include:

  • Improved curb appeal – A fresh and beautiful outdoor look demands attention and will impress your guests and neighbors
  • Increased home value – With a more attractive appearance comes more home value, making it easier to entice potential homebuyers when it’s time to sell
  • Simplified maintenance – You can opt for low-maintenance plants that make caring for your landscape easier and less expensive
  • More privacy – Trees and other plants can create natural barriers that shield outsiders and provide more privacy while on your property

Host events and encourage outdoor activities – With a landscape design you love, you’ll be more comfortable hosting and have the ideal space for outdoor activities.

How It Works: Our Landscape Design Process

1. Share Your Landscape Design Ideas

During the first step in our landscape design process, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your stylistic ideas. We want to do everything in our power to create your dream outdoor space, so we’ll listen and get an understanding of your goals. We’ll also quickly inspect your property’s outdoor spaces so we know what we’re working with.

If you’re in need of inspiration, don’t worry. We have professional landscape design experience and can introduce some ideas for you to consider. Together, we’ll create an initial design that will be the starting point for your unique and gorgeous new landscape.

3D Landscape Design in Fort Lauderdale, FL

2. 3D Rendering

Once we’ve worked together to imagine your new landscape design, it’s time to get a visual sense of the desired outcome. While 2-dimensional renderings may work for smaller renovations, they don’t let you see how a large landscape design will look. Three-dimensional renderings, on the other hand, give you multiple angles and immerse you in the project.

We’ll create a comprehensive, realistic 3D rendering that brings your vision to the screen. We’ll use precise measurements to show you the size and placement of every landscape feature, including:

  • Bushes and trees
  • Flower beds
  • Water features
  • Pools
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Architectural features

You’ll be able to see how the design will look at multiple times of day and during different seasons.

By viewing our 3D rendering, you’ll also have the chance to alter your landscape design. We can move features around or introduce new ones to perfect your landscape before renovation begins.

3. Bring Your Vision to Life
The final step is bringing your landscape design to life. We’ll work closely with trusted landscape contractors to account for every detail and match what you saw in the 3D rendering. Throughout construction, we’ll continually communicate with you to keep you up to date and allow you to offer any input that helps us reach your end goals.

3D Landscape Designing Fort Lauderdale, FL

At TotalScape Design, we value your satisfaction above all else. Choose us to handle all of your landscape design needs and make your property dream a reality.

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