Custom Luxury Pools in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Enhance Your Backyard with Custom Pools in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Explore options for gorgeous custom pools to improve your South Florida backyard’s hosting capabilities, functionality, and aesthetic.

Florida’s year-round sunlight and warmth make a pool almost a requirement for any functional outdoor space. While northern properties have to deal with pool maintenance through freezing temperatures, Floridians can use their pool whenever they wish. Furthermore, properties that have this essential entertainment feature have a higher value.

Custom pools offer the perfect water feature for family and visitors to enjoy. Design and installation professionals from TotalScape Design can guide you through the process of creating your dream custom pool. Call today to start upgrading your outdoor space with this essential water feature.

Comprehensive Design and Installation Services for Custom Pools

Designing custom pools requires a comprehensive understanding of these water features and adjacent outdoor spaces like lawns, patios, and living spaces. Professionals offering holistic outdoor services have the most relevant knowledge and tools to seamlessly integrate a pool into your outdoor space.

Our experts at TotalScape Design have years of experience providing top-rated design and installation services for custom pools at South Florida properties. We’ll help you sort through different design features to create your dream pool. With so many choices, enlisting help from our top-rated professionals ensures your satisfaction.

 custom luxury pool in fort lauderdale, fl


Additional Features for Custom Pools

Many homeowners neglect to consider additional features to make their pool stand out from standard models. With options to increase both the functionality and aesthetic, any or all of these additional features could be perfect for your outdoor water feature:

Hot Tubs

Despite Florida’s year-round heat, installing a hot tub offers comfort at night or during cooler winter months. Additionally, hot tubs create aesthetic variation. Connect your hot tub to your pool or adjacent for easy access and seamless integration.

Water and Rock Features

Tropical environments like Florida lend themselves well to eye-catching water features. Rather than settling for a standard pool model, consider surrounding your outdoor water feature with rock structures and waterfalls.

custom pool waterfalls in fort lauderdale. fl

These rocks can provide fun little caverns that make your pool more enticing for children and friends. Also, waterfalls, springs, and running water add an ambient auditory element to your backyard that offer tranquility and luxury.

Sun Shelf

Some custom pools feature a shallow area covered with water. These sun shelfs offer the ideal space for water-proof furniture, ideal for tanning in the golden Florida sun. Additionally, sun shelfs add additional safety for pets and small children who might not understand how to swim in deeper water.

Swim Up Bar

Depending on the space available in your backyard, consider adding a swim-up bar to your pool. These luxury features provide unique recreational capabilities for homeowners passionate about hosting friends and family.


Underwater lighting features can make your pool an even more dazzling feature at night. Color-changing LED lights offer aesthetic variation and additional safety when water might be less obvious in later hours.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Pool

Many pools feature a combination of hard materials,such as  concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl with colored tiles that improve aesthetics and water resistance. Experts from TotalScape Design will help you choose between different material colors, styles, and patterns to find the perfect intersection of functionality and aesthetics for your pool.

Our Process at TotalScape Design

Our holistic process guides you through every phase of custom pool design and installation. We commit to providing daily, transparent communication to keep you informed about progress updates, changes, and milestones for your project. You’ll never feel out of the loop while working with TotalScape Design professionals.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Professionals from TotalScape offer 100% customer-oriented services that prioritize your satisfaction. We offer lifetime workmanship guarantees to keep your custom pools maintained.

If you don’t get your initial designs within seven days, we’ll give them to you free of charge. As a Turf and Ornamental Communicator Achievement Award recipient, our high-quality services frequently receive recognition from customers and organizations within the local industry.

Enlist Top-Rated Custom Pool Design and Installation Professionals from TotalScape Design

For more information about installing custom pools in South Florida properties, call (561) 284-9062 and request a design consultation with TotalScape Design professionals.

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