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Hot weather and sunny days make Fort Lauderdale, FL, the perfect place to enjoy your time outdoors. Pristine beaches and breathtaking skylines offer a fantastic setting to sip a cold drink and enjoy the sunlight. But like many homeowners, you don’t want to venture away from the comforts of home to enjoy lush, unique backdrops.

You need intuitive solutions from a customer-focused landscape design and build company in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to breathe new life into your backyard. Fortunately, exceptional design and build services are our bread and butter at TotalScape Design. Our team consists of talented and skilled landscape contractors and designers who specialize in creating artistic landscape features that elevate your property’s value and your family’s enjoyment.

As landscape design professionals, we can help you transform your lawn into a private paradise you’ll never want to leave. No other companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL, can rival our exceptional service quality. Avoid the unnecessary hassle of finding reputable service providers for each landscaping service by choosing us to revolutionize your landscape.

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Custom Outdoor Lighting

A beautifully designed landscape deserves proper illumination to ensure all who encounter it can enjoy its unique features. Whether you want outdoor lighting for security or visibility, you can turn to us for comprehensive solutions. As a certified professional designer of Light Craft Outdoors and Cast Lighting, we’ll choose and install industry-leading lighting solutions to light up your property.

Custom Outdoor Lighting in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Outdoor lighting has diverse aesthetic uses that enhance your property’s appearance at night. Choose one or a combination of our lighting services to highlight your home’s best features when the sun sets:

  • Architectural lighting: Our lighting craftsmen and women install a lighting system that illuminates the unique features of your home’s structures. We’ll highlight doors, arches, columns, and other stately features.
  • Pathway lighting: Driveways, walkways, and pathways can all benefit from some extra illumination. Our pathway lighting services ensure you can safely navigate pathways while enjoying Fort Lauderdale’s rich nighttime atmosphere. 
  • Pool lighting: Late-night swims during the endless summer heat are a part of Florida’s unique charm. Make the magic more intense with ambient lighting options.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, outdoor lighting designs add security and safety to your property at night. Neither you nor your guests need to awkwardly fumble around or risk tripping and falling once night falls. You can securely traverse your landscape without sustaining injuries.

Plus, bright lights deter unwanted visitors like wild animals or trespassing people. Since these visitors typically want to remain hidden, they’ll avoid bright lights.

As an all-inclusive landscape design and build company in Fort Lauderdale, FL, our team includes lighting technicians who understand the art of excellent light design. Unlike other landscape businesses that lack focused craftsmen and women, we employ creative specialists who understand how to balance light fixtures in any landscape. This ensures you enjoy the perfect amount of illumination without overpowering the subtle mystery of each night.

Landscape Design

Most property owners can’t experience their idea before committing to DIY projects or other landscape design companies. Their visions of rock gardens, water features, and softscapes fall to pieces as soon as they complete a project. They couldn’t foresee the design flaws or visualize why an idea just doesn’t work.

3D Landscape Design in Fort Lauderdale, FL

We use industry-leading technology to create a 3D landscape before we break ground. This service allows you to experience your ideas firsthand without committing to them. It also allows our team to troubleshoot and perfect your ideas with solutions that work around potential problems.

Our 3D landscape designer services combine an immersive experience with invaluable practicality. You’ll avoid common project pitfalls like:

  • Harsh visual transitions that feel unnatural
  • Problems with drainage or erosion
  • Miscalculations regarding materials, measurements, and more
  • Design concepts that don’t fit your landscape

 You can also play around with the visuals until each detail matches exactly what you want.

A strong landscape design includes visual appeal, accessibility, and versatility. Immersive 3D experiences ensure we can incorporate those elements into each creative design we build.

Patios, Walkways, and Driveways

A well-developed landscape design should include structures that enhance accessibility, improve privacy, and provide recreational spaces. These structures should also sport an elegance that matches your property’s overall artistry. So our comprehensive services include construction on patio pools and driveways.

Custom Patios, Walkways, and Driveways Fort Lauderdale, FL

As a resident of Fort Lauderdale, FL, you probably love taking advantage of the area’s famously warm weather. You also want a little privacy from your neighbors’ outdoor activities. We can build landscape walls to remedy this issue.

When transporting a tray of fresh meat to your patio for grilling, you should focus on holding the tray securely, not picking your way across the lawn or avoiding small rocks and other obstacles. We can design a quaint but industrious pathway for smoother navigation. Our team also designs and builds custom structures like:

  • Patios 
  • Porches
  • Driveways
  • Walkways

You can also access grading and draining solutions to ensure your property’s health and security. Our creative structural services will transform your property into a dynamic habitat that caters to your family’s specific needs. Most people typically associate this level of convenience and comfort with indoor spaces.

Outdoor Living

Speaking of expanding indoor amenities, outdoor rooms provide the perfect method of bringing your indoor luxuries available outside. Our designers will work with you to combine the intricacies of interior design with the rugged materials of outdoor spaces. We construct fully equipped kitchens, ornate pergolas, and cozy patios that allow you to enjoy natural elements in style.

Outdoor Living Area Fort Lauderdale, FL

These structures require durable materials, protective paint, stain products, and careful construction to ensure that they will last throughout the years with minimal maintenance. Many landscaping companies in Fort Lauderdale can erect such architecture, but few will stand by their work for a lifetime as we do. When homeowners dive into such projects, they often make the following mistakes:

  • Skimping on counter space
  • Choosing stainless steel appliances and equipment
  • Designing an inadequate layout that doesn’t cater to their specific needs
  • Forgetting about storage options
  • Putting all their focus on visual impact instead of lasting, usable design

When our team designs a custom outdoor kitchens or patio, we put structural integrity first. Then, we create a layout that takes your unique needs and movements into account. We also help you choose appliances or furniture that matches your desired aesthetic appeal while providing impeccable function.

Finally, we use your input to choose the finishing touches: paint color, stain shade, accent design, and other visual elements. We believe that function and appeal go hand in hand.

Our team also assists with projects to enrich your property’s visual diversity and landscape texture. Add a touch of natural flare and distinction with fire pits, water features, and hardscapes at varying points across your property.

Custom Pools

A swimming pool is nice, but a custom-designed swimming pool is the crown jewel of your landscape. Once we design your perfect oasis, you’ll wonder why you ever left home for vacation.

Custom Pools Fort Lauderdale, FL

Imagine the perfect paradise. What does it include? You probably visualize:

  • A cool, cerulean expanse of water
  • Inviting water features that elevate the area
  • An assortment of lush, thriving tropical foliage
  • Stunning hardscapes made from smooth, durable rocks and stones
  • Unparalleled privacy

Every homeowner deserves the perfect place to mentally and physically refresh themselves. When you choose our talented team at TotalScape Design, you won’t have to leave home to find that place. We’ll help you create it in your backyard.

 When installing a pool, lots of contractors cut corners. This leads to problems like a lack of consistent shade, small pool decks, not enough features to enrich the area, and insufficient lighting for safe swimming at night.

We’ll use 3D landscape design technology and raw talent to ensure the final product includes plenty of diversity.

Each swimming pool design should consist of unique curves and angles, a variety of landings, multiple shady areas, a soothing, spa-like atmosphere, and plenty of privacy. By choosing our custom design services, you’ll enjoy a daily getaway with the swimming pool of your dreams.

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