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Weston, FL, is a slice of Southern suburbia outlined with shimmering waterways, diverse natural scenery, and warm, inviting weather that lasts most of the year. As such, its residents crave properties that reflect their town’s beauty and diversity. Although there are many landscape businesses from which you can choose, only one landscape design and build company in Weston, FL, boasts the artistry, craftsmanship, and expertise to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

At TotalScape Design, our team wants to help homeowners cultivate unique landscapes that prioritize function and visual appeal. We pride ourselves on unrivaled attention to detail, comprehensive services, and myriad creative solutions. We’ll give you our undivided attention throughout the process with consistent communication, helpful guidance, and refreshing transparency.

Don’t let DIY projects or subpar services tempt you. Choose our team for expert design and a quality finished project that increases your home’s value for years to come. Make us your one-stop shop for all your outdoor home improvement projects.

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Custom Outdoor Lighting

A carefully crafted lighting design coupled with well-placed fixtures provides a dual-purpose solution: increased security and more aesthetic appeal. Nothing looks more welcoming than a warmly lit property. Our lighting technicians have the necessary skill to create a lighting design that illuminates your property’s features.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Weston, FL

An intuitive lighting design highlights features such as:

  • Architecture like arches, columns, doorways, and other structural elements
  • Custom decks and patios to improve navigation
  • Swimming pools and other water features increase the spa-like ambiance
  • Landscape features, including unique plants, softscapes, and hardscapes
  • Outdoor recreation structures like patios, porches, and gazebos

An experienced and talented designer can illuminate each element without overpowering the hushed atmosphere of the night. So we empower our technicians to provide outdoor lighting services with diverse, top-of-the-line fixtures and creative design.

Once we finish, your home’s value and security increases. Our lighting services not only let you enjoy an outdoor activity for longer, but it also enhances your property’s safety. Walkways and driveways become more visible to visitors.

Outdoor lighting also eliminates fall and trip hazards by illuminating any obstacles in your path. You can more clearly see unwanted animals and intruders. Plus, trespassers will find your property less enticing since you can easily spot them.

By choosing our team, you’ll also avoid common design issues like too much light, no variety, or subpar positioning. Our process isn’t complete until each light has the desired effect on the illuminated area. Quality outdoor lighting is the perfect way to modernize your landscape and improve your security. 

Landscape Design

As a homeowner, you might hesitate to break ground on a new landscaping project. If you can’t predict what the finished product looks like, how can you be certain that you’ll enjoy it? You don’t want to waste resources starting over from scratch.

Landscape Design Weston, FL

As the leading landscaping design contractors in Weston, FL, our team understands your concerns. So we incorporated a foolproof solution to ensure your satisfaction. Before we break ground on a project of any size, we begin with an advanced landscape design.

First, we take ample photos of your property to fully understand the land on which we’ll work. Next, we use cutting-edge technology to impose your desired landscape features onto the property. This renders a 3D projection of what your ideas should look like after we finish.

We also add depth and detail to make the design more realistic. Its interactive interface allows you to view your property from all angles. Before you make a final decision, our design offers guidance on how we can improve the project and help you get the most out of our services.

Our 3D landscape design technology helps you avoid common problems like:

  • Inadequate drainage
  • Inaccurate measurements
  • Clashing colors and textures
  • Incohesive design elements

If you want to ensure you love your landscape renovation, our design services are an integral first step. Our landscape design technology is the only way to achieve a polished, completed project that matches your vision.

Patios, Walkways, and Driveways

Installing patios makes your property more accessible to family, friends, and neighbors. They function as infrastructure and access points to ensure everyone can easily navigate your yard. However, you need expert landscape contractors and designers to help you make the most of these access points.

For example, retaining walls add texture to your landscape while preventing erosion. If you strictly go by photos or DIY instructions, you might think they’re simple to build. However, choosing the wrong materials or forgoing proper drainage will have disastrous consequences.

Patios, Walkways, and Driveways Weston, FL

Similarly, building a patio from scratch requires precise measurements and supports to ensure it can uphold weight as needed. Bad construction leads to not enough room or nonsensical design at best. At worst, you’ll have property damage or injuries on your hands.

Leave the design and construction of pathways, patios, and walls to our experts. We’ll ensure each access point provides optimal function while stylishly blending in with the rest of your property. Our previous customers enjoyed advantages including:

  • Lasting construction from durable materials: Our team only uses the finest materials available, ensuring your landscape infrastructure never falters. 
  • Proper drainage and weather resistance: When we build landscape features, we design them to withstand Florida’s wild weather patterns. 
  • Easy navigation: You’ll easily identify where your lawn ends, and your patio or pathway begins. 
  • Visual appeal: We use our artistic instincts to design and build features that serve you well and look amazing. 
  • Low maintenance: You’ll enjoy seamless upkeep with each structure. 

Outdoor Living

How can you merge the creature comforts found indoors with the openness and freedom of the outdoors? With unique outdoor living spaces, of course! We design and construct custom outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and patios that provide function and fashion.

Outdoor Living Area Weston, FL

Whether you want more peaceful, starry nights alongside your spouse or myriad guests to comfortably entertain, you’ll discover the perfect solution with our outdoor living structures. Many homeowners encounter issues like:

  • Prioritizing aesthetic over function
  • Bad lighting
  • Choosing the wrong materials
  • Subpar foundations that rot, buckle, or sink

Our craftsmen and women ensure accurate measurements, precise design, and ease of use when installing our superior outdoor living spaces. So you’ll avoid these common problems. We build a structure to complement your property while providing unmatched convenience when in use.

We start with 3D landscape design to help you get an idea of which plans will work best with your home. Once you’ve decided on a design, we’ll select the materials and begin construction. Our team prioritizes communication and convenience for each customer.

So you don’t need to worry about unnecessary interruptions or unpleasant surprises. We keep you in the loop from start to finish. Once we complete construction, we leave the area clean, tidy, and ready for use.

Eliminate any concerns you associate with adding an outdoor living structure to your home. Just come to our team at TotalScape Design with your idea to obtain more living space. We will handle the rest. 

Custom Pools

As a resident of Weston, FL, you want your landscape to reflect the area’s natural charm and beauty. You can achieve this with a custom pool that integrates a spa-like atmosphere with attractive features most people only see at high-end hotels. Our custom designed pool will have you reluctant to go on vacation.

After all, why travel to find paradise when you can install it in your backyard? We can help you design the perfect getaway on your property.

Our custom pool services include:

  • Unique water features that elevate the exotic atmosphere
  • Artful fountains that add a touch of elegance
  • Spillways that offer a seamless transition from smaller pools to the larger one
  • Waterfalls with a unique tropical feel 
  • Extensions that bring your patio right up to the swimming pool’s edge

Custom Pool Western, FL

If you can dream it, we can design and build it. Our team uses skill, talent, passion, and industry-leading tools and equipment to do the job correctly. When we complete your custom pool project, you’ll never want to leave your property again.

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